The Basic Ceremony$125I come to your location and perform a standard, legal ceremony. No frills, no personalization.
Ceremony Script Creation/CraftingAdd $300Choose a basic ceremony script or from a series of alternatives ( examples) as a starting point. Then we can add and personalize it any way you want: readings, song lyrics, symbolic events like sand mixing and hand binding, or just about anything else that will make your day more special!
Rehearsal FacilitationAdd $150
Based on the complexity of the ceremony, you can choose to have me facilitate a rehearsal. Hopefully, all members of the wedding ceremony and the venue will be available, but if not, we can make it work! I’ll make sure everyone knows their roles, and go through the ceremony step-by-step until you’re comfortable.
MileageAdd $1/mileThe first total 25 miles that I drive associated with your wedding are on me. After that, add $1 for each mile I drive for all meetings, rehearsal, ceremony, etc.
These rates should be considered as a guideline for estimating your wedding costs. Special circumstances may require you to add or subtract from your total.

After our first 10-minute conversation, I knew I’d chosen a great officiant. Michael worked in all our requests to our ceremony, and had some great ideas. He helped make for a wonderful day!

Cynthia J.

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