I often tell people that before they read about the process, the ceremonies, the costs, or the schedule, to read about who I am and my personality. They’ll know right away if they should move on to the specifics.

I have three core beliefs about what I do:

  1. This is Your Ceremony
    You’ll hear this a lot from me, because many couples don’t realize the amazing latitude they have creating their ceremony. In most states, all you need a license, a couple of witnesses, and to declare in front of an officiant that you’re committing to each other of your own free will. The rest, as they say, is gravy.
    You can be as creative or traditional as you want. I’ll help you craft a personalized script, you can pick one of mine, or hand me one that you’ve written or found. As long as we meet the required elements, let’s do this.

  2. Marriage is a Beautiful Thing
    Two people in love committing to each other for life. It doesn’t get much better. I am genuinely excited for every engaged couple I meet – whether they use my services or not. It’s a serious life step, but carefully curated by caring, respectful people, it’s a blast!

  3. Love is Love
    I define marriage as a commitment between two consenting adults. That’s it. Hard stop.
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